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Frequently asked questions:

  1. What are the ages of the children that can come to Peek a boo?
    0 - 9 years old. Older children that want to play at Peek a boo can do so, as long as they pay the regular entrance fee.
  2. What are your opening hours?
    9 am to 6 pm, everyday
  3. What does Peek a boo mean?
    Peek a boo is a game played with young children; you hide your face and suddenly reveal it as you say boo!
  4. How long can the children play for?
    The entrance fee allows children and adults to stay for a maximum of 3 hours. Once these 3 hours have passed, you can pay per extra hour forRp 40,000/child (one adult for free)
  5. Can I get a discount if I have a Kitas and/or if I come with a big group?
    Our fees are the same for locals and for foreigners with a Kitas. We do give discounts for big groups (please contact us for more details).
  6. Can you give me a discount since it’s already 5 pm?
    Yes we have Happy Hour rate for Monday - Thursday afternoon.
  7. What’s inside and what’s outside of the center?
    Our indoor area features: soft playhouse and pool with balls, creative corner, interactive toys, educational books, car rides, play kitchens, Merry go Round and a Cafe
    Our outdoor play area features: swing set, jungle gym, see saw, rocking horses, climbing structure, trampoline.
  8. What do you sell in the Café?
    Our children's menu includes fun items such as: juices, milk, babyccinos (our signature drink for the little ones), chicken nuggets, pizzas, brownies, cup cakes and much more!
    Our Adults menu includes: specialty coffee drinks, tea, juices, muffins, cookies and other yummy snacks. We also serve daily specials!
  9. Do you have baby chairs in the Cafe?
    Yes, we do!
  10. Where are the bathrooms?
    We have boys and girls bathrooms in our indoors area and outdoors area.
  11. Where can I change a diaper?
    We have a changing table in our girl's bathroom in the indoors area
  12. Can I leave my child alone here for a few hours?
    We recommend that an adult accompanies children under 4 years old
  13. Do you offer classes for children?
    Yes, we do ( art & craft, Dance and capoeira). Please contact us for more detail.