Can you hold your baby after a HIDA scan?

How long after HIDA scan can I hold my baby?

The radioactive tracer used in this test can get into your breast milk. Do not breastfeed your baby for 1 or 2 days after this test.

Can I breastfeed after HIDA scan?

HIDA/Hepatobiliary scan (for gall bladder problems) – This test usually uses Tc-99m-Choletec or Hepatolite, which should not require an interruption of breastfeeding for doses of 4mCi or less; or Tc-99m-DISIDA, which should not require an interruption of breastfeeding (see the links below for detailed information).

Do you need someone to drive you home after a HIDA scan?

Plan for a responsible adult who can take you home after the scan. This person may drive you, or ride with you on a bus or taxi. You cannot drive yourself or take a bus or taxi by yourself. This is because we may give you a small dose of morphine to help us take pictures of your gall bladder.

How long does the radiation stay in your body after HIDA scan?

In most cases, you can go about your day after your scan. The small amount of radioactive tracer will lose its reactivity or pass through your urine and stool over the next day or two.

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Can you be around babies after a nuclear stress test?

Yes, you can be around pregnant women and children after most nuclear medicine scans. Almost all of the radiation will be gone from your body by the morning after your scan. We recommend you avoid spending extended hours in close proximity with pregnant women and small children, such as sleeping overnight next to them.

Can I breastfeed after nuclear stress test?

Patients who have a Tc-99m nuclear medicine procedure should not let their infants’ breastfeed for 72 hours after the exam. During this 72 hour period they can pump the breast milk and store it. This milk can be given to the infant after it has been stored for 72 hours.

How do you feel after a HIDA scan?

You’ll lie down on an imaging table. A technician will give you a special radioactive chemical through a vein in your arm. It shouldn’t hurt, but it may feel cold. You might also feel a little pressure as the chemical enters your bloodstream.

How much does a HIDA scan cost?

How much does it cost? According to Healthcare Bluebook, the fair price for a HIDA scan is $1,120.

Is it normal to feel sick after a HIDA scan?

This hormone may cause short-lived side effects including abdominal cramping, pain, and nausea. Severe abdominal pain or nausea is uncommon, and the side effects tend to subside a few minutes after the injection is complete. Imaging during this portion of the exam lasts for 30 minutes.

Can you be sedated for a HIDA scan?

During the scan

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Your child may be given medicine (a sedative) that makes him or her relaxed and sleepy during the test. During the HIDA scan: Your child lies on his or her back on a table. The marker fluid is put into your child’s vein by a shot (injection) or by IV (intravenous) line.

How long is a HIDA scan test?

How long does the HIDA test take? The procedure involves the injection of a small amount of a radioactive isotope and obtaining multiple timed images over a course of 1-4 hours. When you arrive to the Nuclear Medicine department a technologist will explain the test to you.