Quick Answer: Are female aphids born pregnant?

What do aphid mothers do?

Aphid mothers are viviparous, meaning they give birth to live young during the spring and summer, rather than laying eggs during these seasons. Their offspring reach reproductive maturity much sooner since they don’t have to sit around waiting to hatch. Later in the season the females and males both develop.

How long does it take aphids to reproduce?

When the weather is warm, many species of aphids can develop from newborn nymph to reproducing adult in seven to eight days. Because each adult aphid can produce up to 80 offspring in a matter of a week, aphid populations can increase with great speed.

Do aphids give live birth?

Some aphids reproduce sexually, some reproduce asexually, and some use both methods of reproduction, depending on their environment. With asexual reproduction, females can either give birth to live clones or lay eggs, all without a male aphid.

Why are aphids mostly found in the daytime?

Aphid infestations occur mostly during the cool dry season. Aphids need nitrogen, but phloem juices contain mostly sugars. Garden aphids, also known as plant lice, include many different species in the Aphidoidea insect family.

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